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The secretion of extracellular vesicles (EVs) is a universal cellular process occurring from simple organisms, such as archaea and bacteria, to complex multi-cellular organisms, including mammals. This suggests that EV-mediated communication is an evolutionarily conserved process. These EVs are spherical bilayered proteolipids with an average diameter of 20-1,000 nm, and are enriched with various bioactive materials, including proteins, genetic materials, and lipids. Although proteomic, transcriptomic (mRNA and miRNA), and lipidomic analyses have allowed several thousands of vesicular proteins, transcripts, and lipids to be cataloged, there is still the lack of resources providing vesicular proteome, transcriptome, and lipidome database from diverse types of cells and analytical tools for comparative analyses.
EVpedia is an integrated and comprehensive proteome, transcriptome, and lipidome database of EVs derived from archaea, bacteria, and eukarya, including human. EVpedia provides an array of tools, such as search and browse tools for vesicular proteins, comparison of vesicular datasets by ortholog identification, Gene Ontology enrichment analyses and network analyses of vesicular proteins. Furthermore, EVpedia provides databases of vesicular mRNAs, miRNAs, and lipids. Thus, EVpedia might serve as a useful community resource to trigger the advancement of systematic and comprehensive studies of EVs and to unveil the fundamental roles of EVs.

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Thank you for having an interest in EVpedia. You can help us improve EVpedia by: 
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  • Informing us with any EV-related publications which we have not addressed in EVpedia.

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