EVpedia provide top 100+ EV markers, selected according to their identification number.
Based on EV proteomes, we defined the identification number of protein A as the number of datasets which contain protein A.
Therefore, proteins with higher identification numbers were more conserved.


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Protein name Gene symbol UniProt accession Identification number
ATP synthase subunit beta (EC (ATP synthase F1 sector subunit beta) (F-ATPase subunit beta)atpD FTN_1646A0Q8D93
ATP synthase subunit beta (EC (ATP synthase F1 sector subunit beta) (F-ATPase subunit beta)atpD Cj0107Q0PC303
ATP synthase subunit beta (EC (ATP synthase F1 sector subunit beta) (F-ATPase subunit beta)atpD PP_5413Q88BX43
ATP synthase subunit beta (EC (ATP synthase F1 sector subunit beta) (F-ATPase subunit beta) (Vegetative protein 31) (VEG31)atpD BSU36810P378093
ATP-dependent protease ATPase subunit HslU (Unfoldase HslU)hslU PA5054Q9HUC53
ATP-dependent protease subunit HslV (EC (Heat shock protein HslV)hslV ECS88_4382B7MI643
ATP-dependent RNA helicase DeaD (EC (Cold-shock DEAD box protein A)deaD PA2840Q9I0033
ATP-dependent RNA helicase DeaD (EC (Cold-shock DEAD box protein A)deaD AA102_07950 ACU90_11710 AML07_19195 APZ14_04150 AUS26_18405 BHS81_19050 BK251_12445 BK292_10365 BK400_20195 ERS085374_01898 ERS139235_01544 FORC28_0639 GJ12_20190 HW42_20660A0A0C2BGH73
ATP-dependent RNA helicase RhlB (EC rhl PA3861Q9HXE53
ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FtsH (EC 3.4.24.-)hflB ftsH EcSMS35_3474B1LFS83
ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FtsH (EC 3.4.24.-) (Cell division protease FtsH)ftsH hflB mrsC std tolZ b3178 JW3145P0AAI33
Autotransporter (Serine protease (Secreted autotransporter toxin))sat EC958_3278 UG58_25260W8ZMJ93
Autotransporter (Serine protease autotransporter protein)EC958_4614 UG58_08720W9A0J03
Autotransporter beta-domain proteinHPSD74_1714U4SEP23
Bacterial non-heme ferritin (EC (Ferritin-1)ftnA ftn gen-165 rsgA b1905 JW1893P0A9983
Bacterioferritin (BFR) (EC (Cytochrome b-1) (Cytochrome b-557)bfr b3336 JW3298P0ABD33
Bacterioferritin (EC Smlt1524B2FIC43
Basic-amino-acid specific porin OprD (EC 3.4.21.-)oprD PP_1206Q88NK13
Beta-galactosidase (EC spr0565Q8DQP43
Beta-ketoacyl synthase, C-terminal domain proteinUMNK88_2876A0A0E0U0X83
Beta-ketoacyl-ACP synthase IfabB PA1609Q9I3B23
Beta-lactamase (EC
Beta-lactamase OXA-1 (EC (Penicillinase)bla oxa1P136613
Beta-lactamase regulator AmpE (Regulatory protein AmpE)BE932_23610 SY51_00615A0A061KV333
Bifunctional glutamine synthetase adenylyltransferase/adenylyl-removing enzyme (ATP:glutamine synthetase adenylyltransferase) (ATase) [Includes: Glutamine synthetase adenylyl-L-tyrosine phosphorylase (EC (Adenylyl removase) (AR) (AT-N); Glutamine synthetase adenylyl transferase (EC (Adenylyl transferase) (AT) (AT-C)]glnE BE932_14160 SY51_17705A0A061KHQ53
Bifunctional polymyxin resistance protein ArnA [Includes: UDP-4-amino-4-deoxy-L-arabinose formyltransferase (EC (ArnAFT) (UDP-L-Ara4N formyltransferase); UDP-glucuronic acid oxidase, UDP-4-keto-hexauronic acid decarboxylating (EC (ArnADH) (UDP-GlcUA decarboxylase) (UDP-glucuronic acid dehydrogenase)]arnA ECS88_2404B7MG223
Bifunctional polymyxin resistance protein ArnA [Includes: UDP-glucuronic acid oxidase, UDP-4-keto-hexauronic acid decarboxylating (EC (UDP-glucuronic acid dehydrogenase) (UDP-GlcUA decarboxylase) (ArnADH); UDP-4-amino-4-deoxy-L-arabinose formyltransferase (EC (UDP-L-Ara4N formyltransferase) (ArnAFT)]arnA BE932_08890 SY51_12935A0A066T0N63
Bifunctional proline dehydrogenase, pyrroline-5-carboxylate dehydrogenaseputA FTN_1131A0Q7023
Bifunctional UDP-sugar hydrolase/5'-nucleotidase (Protein UshA [includes: UDP-sugar hydrolase; 5'-nucleotidase]) (EC (UDP-sugar hydrolase)ushA ARC77_22080 AU473_24100 BWP17_02645 ECs0533 ERS085383_00929 ERS085404_01647C3TL723
Biofilm stress and motility protein A (Lipoprotein BsmA)BE932_21425 SY51_24130A0A061YJK13
Biotin carboxylase (A subunit of acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC)) (EC spr0385Q8CZE93
BNR domain proteinPP_1581Q88MJ03
Branched-chain amino acid ABC transporter, periplasmic amino acid-binding protein (BraC-like)PP_4867Q88DF83
Branched-chain amino acid aminotransferase (EC Cj0269cQ0PBN63
Branched-chain amino acids ABC transporter-periplasmic leucine binding subunitlivK PP_1141Q88NR43
Branched-chain amino-acid ABC transport system,periplasmic binding proteinlivK Cj1018cQ0P9N43
C4-dicarboxylate-binding periplasmic protein DctPdctP PA5167Q9HU183
Capsid proteinPP_1567Q88MK43
Capsid protein (Phage major capsid protein, P2 family)BE932_28335 SY51_04710A0A0C5E8W13
Capsule polysaccharide export system periplasmic proteinkpsD Cj1444cQ0P8H03
Carbamoyl-phosphate synthase large chain (EC (Carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase ammonia chain)carB spr1153Q8CWR03
Catalase-peroxidase (CP) (EC (Peroxidase/catalase)katG FTN_0633A0Q5L13
Catecholate siderophore receptor FiuBE932_27690 SY51_04120A0A061YKX03
Cbb3-type cytochrome c oxidase subunitccoP Cj1487cQ0P8D03
CDP-diacylglycerol phosphotidylhydrolase (Sulfate-binding protein (Sulfate starvation-induced protein 2))sbp ECs4842 ERS085383_03291 ERS085404_02958C3SJ473
Cell cycle protein GpsB (Guiding PBP1-shuttling protein)gpsB ypsB BSU22180P0CI743
Cell division ATP-binding membraine protein FtsE (Cell division ATP-binding protein FtsE) (Cell division protein FtsE)ftsE A9R57_02030 ACU57_16950 BHS87_19430 BJJ90_01375 BMT91_03955 ERS085365_00859 ERS085416_03580 ERS139211_00157 ERS150873_03655A0A037YCI63
Cell division coordinator CpoBcpoB PP_1224P0A1303
Cell division coordinator CpoBcpoB BE932_27365 SY51_03785A0A061KPJ13
Cell division protein DivIBdivIB spr0605Q8DQM03
Cell division protein FtsPsufI ftsP E2348C_3309B7UIS43
Cell division protein FtsZftsZ FTN_0164A0Q4A93
Cell division protein FtsZftsZ spr1510Q8DNV93
Cell division protein FtsZftsZ SY51_00540A0A0C5EFI83
Cell shape-determining protein MreC (Cell shape protein MreC)mreC PA4480Q9HVU13
Cell wall-associated protease (EC 3.4.21.-) [Cleaved into: Cell wall-associated polypeptide CWBP23 (CWBP23); Cell wall-associated polypeptide CWBP52 (CWBP52)]wprA yisM BSU10770P544233
Chaperone protein ClpBclpB FTN_1743A0Q8N03
Chaperone protein DnaK (HSP70) (Heat shock 70 kDa protein) (Heat shock protein 70)dnaK NMB0554Q9K0N43
Chaperone protein DnaK (HSP70) (Heat shock 70 kDa protein) (Heat shock protein 70)dnaK Smlt1992B2FMY53
Chaperone protein DnaK (HSP70) (Heat shock 70 kDa protein) (Heat shock protein 70)dnaK EcE24377A_0014A7ZHA43
Chaperone protein HscA (Hsc66)hscA EC1303_c26780A0A0E1M0B63
Chemotaxis histidine kinase (EC 2.7.3.-)cheA Cj0284cQ0PBM23
Chemotaxis protein (EC 2.7.3.-)cheV Cj0285cQ0PBM13
Choline binding protein ApspC spr1995Q8DN053
Chromosome partition protein MukB (Structural maintenance of chromosome-related protein)mukB BE932_28870 SY51_05245A0A061YGB83
CinA-like proteinA4T50_04310 APU18_03340 WM48_12040A0A0D8W3553
Class 5 outer membrane proteinopc NMB1053Q7DDI33
Class II fructose-bisphosphate aldolase (EC APU18_17875 WM48_15760A0A0D8VY273
Conserved domain proteinMXAN_5024Q1D2E43
Conserved hypothetical exported proteinSmlt1127B2FRX93
Conserved hypothetical exported proteinSmlt2334B2FQX43
Conserved hypothetical exported proteinSmlt4500B2FMI33
Conserved hypothetical TPR repeat family proteinSmlt0008B2FT863
Copper resistance protein BcopB-II PP_5379Q88C043
Cro/Cl family transcriptional regulator (Repressor protein) (Transcriptional regulator)A4T50_21435 ACN81_13725 APU18_12505 ARC77_05735 AU473_13160 BET08_20970 BV389_26370 ERS085365_04843 ERS085386_05203 ERS139211_04730 MJ49_02570 WQ89_21565A0A0D8VWV13
Cyclic pyranopterin monophosphate synthase (EC (Molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis protein C)moaC EC1303_c07540A0A0E1LUZ53
Cystathionine beta-lyase (EC AML07_14470 APZ14_15620 AUS26_10925 ERS150876_02935 PU06_26470A0A066Q4R23
Cystathionine beta-synthasePA0399Q9I6A13
Cysteine desulfurase (EC (Selenocysteine beta-lyase) (SCL) (Selenocysteine lyase) (EC (Selenocysteine reductase)sufS BE932_03835 SY51_09365A0A066SZS33
Cytidylate kinase (CK) (EC (Cytidine monophosphate kinase) (CMP kinase)cmk EcE24377A_1007A7ZJZ93
Cytochrome bPA4430Q9HVY53
Cytochrome bo terminal oxidase subunit IcyoB FTN_0196A0Q4E13
Cytochrome c oxidase subunit, cbb3-typeccoO-I PP_4251Q88F483
Cytolethal distending toxin B (Cytolethal distending toxin B subunit) (Cytolethal distending toxin subunit CdtB) (Cytolethal distending toxin-III B subunit) (Cytolethal distending toxin-IIIB) (Cytolethal distending toxin-V B subunit)cdt-IIIB cdt-VB cdtB BHF46_24500 PU06_19060 WQ89_11530O325863
Cytolethal distending toxin CcdtCQ8GJ123
Cytolethal distending toxin subunit A (CDT A)cdtA cdt-VAQ8GJ133
Cytosine deaminase (EC SY51_01855A0A066T1833
Cytosine-specific methyltransferase (EC A4T40_14610 ECONIH1_11250 MS6198_22030A0A0A1A6M43
D-3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenaseserA_1 A4T40_19920 APT94_04935 BK334_11135 ECONIH1_16765 MS6198_32560A0A0A1AE653
D-alanine--D-alanine ligase (EC (D-Ala-D-Ala ligase) (D-alanylalanine synthetase)ddl BE932_25515 SY51_02005A0A066T5I03
D-alanine--poly(phosphoribitol) ligase subunit 1 (EC (D-alanine-D-alanyl carrier protein ligase) (DCL) (D-alanine-activating enzyme) (DAE)dltA spr1982P0A3993
D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidaseFTN_0907A0Q6D03
D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase (EC PP_4803Q88DM23
D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase DacA (CPase) (DD-carboxypeptidase) (DD-peptidase) (EC (Penicillin-binding protein 5) (PBP-5)dacA BSU00100P087503
D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase fraction AECO9455_11896K4WHW33
D-cysteine desulfhydrase (EC dcyD AML07_25490 APZ14_25435 AUS26_25560 ERS150876_01542 FORC28_2235 PGD_01312A0A024L1L03
D-ribose transporter subunit periplasmic-binding compoent of ABC superfamilyrbsB ECED1_4441B7N2J03
dCTP deaminase (EC (Deoxycytidine triphosphate deaminase)dcd EcE24377A_2358A7ZNN93
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