EVpedia provide top 100+ EV markers, selected according to their identification number.
Based on EV proteomes, we defined the identification number of protein A as the number of datasets which contain protein A.
Therefore, proteins with higher identification numbers were more conserved.


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Protein name Gene symbol UniProt accession Identification number
Ankyrin repeat domain-containing protein 1 (Cardiac ankyrin repeat protein)Ankrd1 CarpQ9CR425
Ankyrin repeat domain-containing protein 49 (Fetal globin-increasing factor) (Fetal globin-inducing factor)Ankrd49 Fgif GbifQ8VE425
Ankyrin-1 (ANK-1) (Erythrocyte ankyrin)Ank1 Ank-1Q023575
Ankyrin-2 (ANK-2) (Brain ankyrin)Ank2Q8C8R35
AP-3 complex subunit sigma-1 (AP-3 complex subunit sigma-3A) (Adapter-related protein complex 3 subunit sigma-1) (Sigma-3A-adaptin) (Sigma3A-adaptin) (Sigma-adaptin 3a)Ap3s1Q9DCR25
Apolipoprotein O-like (Protein FAM121A)Apool Fam121aQ78IK45
Apoptogenic protein 1, mitochondrial (APOP-1)Apopt1 Apop1Q9CQW75
Aquaporin-11 (AQP-11)Aqp11Q8BHH15
ARL14 effector protein (ARF7 effector protein)Arl14ep Arf7epQ8BIX35
ATP synthase F(0) complex subunit B1, mitochondrial (ATP synthase subunit b) (ATPase subunit b)Atp5f1Q9CQQ75
ATP synthase mitochondrial F1 complex assembly factor 2Atpaf2Q91YY45
ATPase inhibitor, mitochondrial (Inhibitor of F(1)F(o)-ATPase) (IF(1)) (IF1)Atpif1 Atpi If1O351435
BAG family molecular chaperone regulator 1 (BAG-1) (Bcl-2-associated athanogene 1)Bag1Q607395
Basic leucine zipper and W2 domain-containing protein 2Bzw2Q91VK15
Beta-1,4-galactosyltransferase 7 (Beta-1,4-GalTase 7) (Beta4Gal-T7) (b4Gal-T7) (EC 2.4.1.-) (UDP-Gal:beta-GlcNAc beta-1,4-galactosyltransferase 7) (UDP-galactose:beta-N-acetylglucosamine beta-1,4-galactosyltransferase 7) [Includes: Xylosylprotein 4-beta-galactosyltransferase (EC (Proteoglycan UDP-galactose:beta-xylose beta1,4-galactosyltransferase I) (UDP-galactose:beta-xylose beta-1,4-galactosyltransferase) (XGPT) (XGalT-1) (Xylosylprotein beta-1,4-galactosyltransferase)]B4galt7 Xgalt1Q8R0875
Bifunctional 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate synthase 1 (PAPS synthase 1) (PAPSS 1) (Sulfurylase kinase 1) (SK 1) (SK1) [Includes: Sulfate adenylyltransferase (EC (ATP-sulfurylase) (Sulfate adenylate transferase) (SAT); Adenylyl-sulfate kinase (EC (3'-phosphoadenosine-5'-phosphosulfate synthase) (APS kinase) (Adenosine-5'-phosphosulfate 3'-phosphotransferase) (Adenylylsulfate 3'-phosphotransferase)]Papss1 Asapk Atpsk1 PapssQ609675
Bifunctional lysine-specific demethylase and histidyl-hydroxylase MINA (EC 1.14.11.-) (Histone lysine demethylase MINA) (MYC-induced nuclear antigen)Mina Mina53Q8CD155
Blood vessel epicardial substance (Processing of 1, ribonuclease P/MRP family, (S. cerevisiae))Pop1Q8K2055
Borealin (Cell division cycle-associated protein 8) (MESrg)Cdca8Q8BHX35
BRI3-binding protein (I3-binding protein)Bri3bpQ8BXV25
Bromodomain adjacent to zinc finger domain protein 2ABaz2aF8VPM05
Bromodomain-containing protein 4 (Mitotic chromosome-associated protein) (MCAP)Brd4 McapQ9ESU65
BTB/POZ domain-containing adapter for CUL3-mediated RhoA degradation protein 3 (mBACURD3) (BTB/POZ domain-containing protein KCTD10)Kctd10Q922M35
CAAX prenyl protease 2 (EC 3.4.22.-) (Farnesylated proteins-converting enzyme 2) (FACE-2) (Prenyl protein-specific endoprotease 2) (RCE1 homolog)Rce1 Face2 Rce1aP577915
Calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase type II subunit alpha (CaM kinase II subunit alpha) (CaMK-II subunit alpha) (EC
Calpain-2 catalytic subunit (EC (80 kDa M-calpain subunit) (CALP80) (Calcium-activated neutral proteinase 2) (CANP 2) (Calpain M-type) (Calpain-2 large subunit) (Millimolar-calpain) (M-calpain)Capn2O085295
cAMP-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit PRKX (PrKX) (Protein kinase X) (Protein kinase X-linked) (Serine/threonine-protein kinase PRKX) (EC (PKA-related protein kinase)Prkx PkareQ922R05
cAMP-dependent protein kinase type I-alpha regulatory subunit [Cleaved into: cAMP-dependent protein kinase type I-alpha regulatory subunit, N-terminally processed]Prkar1aQ9DBC75
Caprin-1 (Cytoplasmic activation- and proliferation-associated protein 1) (GPI-anchored membrane protein 1) (GPI-anchored protein p137) (GPI-p137) (p137GPI) (Membrane component chromosome 11 surface marker 1) (RNA granule protein 105)Caprin1 Gpiap Gpiap1 Gpip137 M11s1 Rng105 G5E5Q608655
Carboxypeptidase D (EC (Metallocarboxypeptidase D) (gp180)CpdO890015
Caspase-4 (CASP-4) (EC (Caspase-11) (CASP-11) (Protease ICH-3) [Cleaved into: Caspase-4 subunit p10; Caspase-4 subunit p20]Casp4 Casp11 Caspl Ich3P703435
Catenin alpha-1 (102 kDa cadherin-associated protein) (Alpha E-catenin) (CAP102)Ctnna1 Catna1P262315
Centrin-3Cetn3 Cen3O356485
Centromere protein K (CENP-K) (SoxLZ/Sox6 leucine zipper-binding protein in testis)Cenpk SoltQ9ESN55
Centrosomal protein of 112 kDa (Cep112) (Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 46)Cep112 Ccdc46Q5PR685
Centrosomal protein of 19 kDa (Cep19)Cep19Q9CQA85
Choline kinase alpha (CK) (EC (CHETK-alpha) (Ethanolamine kinase) (EK) (EC ChkO548045
Cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor subunit 7Cpsf7Q8BTV25
Cleavage stimulation factor subunit 3 (CF-1 77 kDa subunit) (Cleavage stimulation factor 77 kDa subunit) (CSTF 77 kDa subunit) (CstF-77)Cstf3Q99LI75
Coatomer subunit delta (Archain) (Delta-coat protein) (Delta-COP)Arcn1 CopdQ5XJY55
Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 43Ccdc43 D11Ertd707eQ9CR295
Collectin-12 (Collectin placenta protein 1) (CL-P1) (Scavenger receptor with C-type lectin)Colec12 Clp1 SrclQ8K4Q85
Complement C1q subcomponent subunit BC1qbP141065
Condensin-2 complex subunit H2 (Kleisin-beta) (Non-SMC condensin II complex subunit H2)Ncaph2 D15Ertd785eQ8BSP25
Conserved oligomeric Golgi complex subunit 1 (COG complex subunit 1) (Component of oligomeric Golgi complex 1) (Low density lipoprotein receptor defect B-complementing protein)Cog1 LdlbQ9Z1605
COP9 signalosome complex subunit 4 (SGN4) (Signalosome subunit 4) (JAB1-containing signalosome subunit 4)Cops4 Csn4O885445
COP9 signalosome complex subunit 6 (SGN6) (Signalosome subunit 6) (JAB1-containing signalosome subunit 6)Cops6 Csn6O885455
Costars family protein ABRACL (ABRA C-terminal-like protein)AbraclQ4KML45
Coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor homolog (CAR) (mCAR)Cxadr CarP977925
CpG-binding protein (CXXC-type zinc finger protein 1) (PHD finger and CXXC domain-containing protein 1)Cxxc1 Cgbp Pccx1Q9CWW75
CTP synthase 1 (EC (CTP synthetase 1) (UTP--ammonia ligase 1)Ctps1P706985
Cyclic AMP-responsive element-binding protein 1 (CREB-1) (cAMP-responsive element-binding protein 1)Creb1 Creb-1Q011475
Cyclin-dependent kinase 4 inhibitor C (Cyclin-dependent kinase 6 inhibitor) (p18-INK4c) (p18-INK6)Cdkn2cQ607725
Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1B (Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27) (p27Kip1)Cdkn1bP464145
Cyclin-G-associated kinase (EC
Cysteine-rich hydrophobic domain 2 proteinChic2Q9D9G35
Cytochrome b-c1 complex subunit 7Uqcrb mCG_67985Q9CQB45
Cytochrome b561 (Cytochrome b-561)Cyb561 McytQ607205
Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 5A, mitochondrial (Cytochrome c oxidase polypeptide Va)Cox5aP127875
Cytokine receptor common subunit beta (GM-CSF/IL-3/IL-5 receptor common beta subunit) (CD antigen CD131)Csf2rb Aic2b Csf2rb1 Il3rb1P269555
Cytoplasmic FMR1-interacting protein 1 (Specifically Rac1-associated protein 1) (Sra-1)Cyfip1 Kiaa0068 Shyc Sra1Q7TMB85
Cytosolic acyl coenzyme A thioester hydrolase (EC (Acyl-CoA thioesterase 7) (Brain acyl-CoA hydrolase) (BACH) (CTE-IIa) (CTE-II) (Long chain acyl-CoA thioester hydrolase)Acot7 BachQ91V125
Death-inducer obliterator 1 (DIO-1) (Death-associated transcription factor 1) (DATF-1)Dido1 Datf1 Dio1Q8C9B95
Dedicator of cytokinesis protein 7Dock7 Gm430 Kiaa1771Q8R1A45
Developmental pluripotency-associated protein 4 (Embryonic stem cell-associated transcript 15-1 protein) (ECAT15-1)Dppa4Q8CCG45
Dihydropyrimidinase-related protein 2 (DRP-2) (Unc-33-like phosphoprotein 2) (ULIP-2)Dpysl2 Crmp2 Ulip2O085535
Dihydroxyacetone phosphate acyltransferase (DAP-AT) (DHAP-AT) (EC (Acyl-CoA:dihydroxyacetonephosphateacyltransferase) (Glycerone-phosphate O-acyltransferase)Gnpat DhapatP981925
Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 22 (ADAM 22)Adam22Q9R1V65
DNA damage-regulated autophagy modulator protein 2 (Transmembrane protein 77)Dram2 Tmem77Q9CR485
DNA segment, Chr 16, human D22S680E, expressed, isoform CRA_c (Transport and Golgi organization 2 homolog)Tango2 D16H22S680E mCG_131843Q8BTN35
DNA-directed RNA polymerase I subunit RPA43 (Twist neighbor protein)TwistnbQ78WZ75
DnaJ homolog subfamily A member 1 (DnaJ protein homolog 2) (Heat shock 40 kDa protein 4) (Heat shock protein J2) (HSJ-2)Dnaja1 Dnaj2 Hsj2 Hspf4P630375
DnaJ homolog subfamily C member 16Dnajc16 Kiaa0962Q80TN45
Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase subunit 2 (EC (Dolichyl-diphosphooligosaccharide--protein glycosyltransferase 63 kDa subunit) (Ribophorin II) (RPN-II) (Ribophorin-2)Rpn2Q9DBG65
Double-stranded RNA-specific editase 1 (EC (RNA-editing deaminase 1) (RNA-editing enzyme 1) (dsRNA adenosine deaminase)Adarb1 Adar2 Red1Q91ZS85
Doublesex- and mab-3-related transcription factor C1 (Doublesex- and mab-3-related transcription factor 8.1)Dmrtc1 Dmrt8.1 Dmrtc1aQ9D9R75
Dual specificity mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 7 (MAP kinase kinase 7) (MAPKK 7) (EC (JNK-activating kinase 2) (MAPK/ERK kinase 7) (MEK 7) (c-Jun N-terminal kinase kinase 2) (JNK kinase 2) (JNKK 2)Map2k7 Mkk7Q8CE905
Dual specificity tyrosine-phosphorylation-regulated kinase 2 (EC
Dynactin subunit 3 (Dynactin light chain p24)Dctn3Q9Z0Y15
Dynamin-2 (EC (Dynamin UDNM)Dnm2 Dyn2P390545
Dynein light chain Tctex-type 3 (Protein 91/23) (T-complex-associated testis-expressed 1-like)Dynlt3 Tcte1lP563875
E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase LRSAM1 (EC 6.3.2.-) (Leucine-rich repeat and sterile alpha motif-containing protein 1) (Tsg101-associated ligase)Lrsam1Q80ZI65
E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase Praja-2 (Praja2) (EC 6.3.2.-) (RING finger protein 131)Pja2 Kiaa0438 Rnf131Q80U045
E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RBX1 (EC 6.3.2.-) (RING finger protein 75) (RING-box protein 1) (Rbx1) [Cleaved into: E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RBX1, N-terminally processed]Rbx1P628785
E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RLIM (EC 6.3.2.-) (LIM domain-interacting RING finger protein) (RING finger LIM domain-binding protein) (R-LIM) (RING finger protein 12)Rlim Rnf12Q9WTV75
E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RNF187 (EC 6.3.2.-) (RING domain AP1 coactivator 1) (RACO-1) (RING finger protein 187)Rnf187Q8BFX15
E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RNF19A (EC 6.3.2.-) (Double ring-finger protein) (Dorfin) (Gametogenesis-expressed protein GEG-154) (RING finger protein 19A) (UBCM4-interacting protein 117) (UIP117) (XY body protein) (XYbp)Rnf19a Geg-154 Rnf19 XybpP506365
E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RNF8 (EC 6.3.2.-) (ActA-interacting protein 37) (AIP37) (LaXp180) (RING finger protein 8)Rnf8Q8VC565
E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase TTC3 (Tetratricopeptide repeat domain 3, isoform CRA_b)Ttc3 mCG_19601G5E8T25
E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase UBR3 (EC 6.3.2.-) (N-recognin-3) (Ubiquitin-protein ligase E3-alpha-3) (Ubiquitin-protein ligase E3-alpha-III) (Zinc finger protein 650)Ubr3 Kiaa2024 Zfp650 Znf650Q5U4305
E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase ZFP91 (EC 6.3.2.-) (Penta Zf protein) (Zinc finger protein 91 homolog) (Zfp-91) (Zinc finger protein PZF)Zfp91 PzfQ625115
E3 UFM1-protein ligase 1 (EC 6.3.2.-)Ufl1 Kiaa0776Q8CCJ35
EH domain-binding protein 1Ehbp1 Kiaa0903Q69ZW35
Elongation factor 1-alpha 1 (EF-1-alpha-1) (Elongation factor Tu) (EF-Tu) (Eukaryotic elongation factor 1 A-1) (eEF1A-1)Eef1a1 Eef1aP101265
Elongation of very long chain fatty acids protein 5 (EC (3-keto acyl-CoA synthase Elovl5) (ELOVL fatty acid elongase 5) (ELOVL FA elongase 5) (Very-long-chain 3-oxoacyl-CoA synthase 5)Elovl5Q8BHI75
Endoplasmic reticulum-Golgi intermediate compartment protein 2Ergic2Q9CR895
Endothelial differentiation-related factor 1 (EDF-1) (Multiprotein-bridging factor 1) (MBF1)Edf1Q9JMG15
Enhancer of polycomb homolog 2 (EPC-like)Epc2Q8C0I45
EP300-interacting inhibitor of differentiation 1 (CREBBP/EP300 inhibitory protein 1) (E1A-like inhibitor of differentiation 1) (EID-1)Eid1 Cri1Q9DCR45
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